January: Build a Nest

On our first Saturday Forest school session, we set ourselves the challenge to build some birds’ nests.

As soon as we arrived, we set off to start a fire in the dedicated fire space to warm ourselves up for the wak we’d be taking later to find materials for the nests.

Then after we warmed up around the fire, the children took a basket each and went for a lovely walk along the River Lea to forage resources that would be fit for a bird’s nest.

Then we went to the gallery, a lovely space that Cody Dock rents out for events and activities, where the children consulted a few resources about nests and nest-making. Everyone took turns to read out loud some interesting facts about birds and showed their favourite images from the books

We then spend some time building the nests with the resources we had foraged and other resources (such as sheep’s hair and naturally dyed wool) that we added to the table to aid the process or just to add some colour! Below are some of the nests that the children together with the parents created.

Half Term October 2016

We ran three successful Forest school sessions at Cody Dock during the half term holidays in October 2016. They were attended by over 20 children.


On the first day, the children started to build a mini temple decorated with natural crafts and materials. The temple was later used at the Cody Dock’s Halloween Party. Many children also helped with the cooking, they cut vegetable to make a tasty nourishing soup on the fire.


On the second day, we did some weaving with naturally dyed wool on some frames that we created from some recycled cardboard. We also attempted to make bread and tried different ways to bake it (the result was not perfect but kids enjoyed the experience!). The bread went nicely with the tomato soup.



On the third day, the children made lanterns from recycled jars and decorated them with scraps of paper and leaves while other children finished decorating the mini-temple. Other children helped with the cooking again. We also prepared a special treat, vegetarian marshmallows cooked by the children on the fire accompanied by chocolate and biscuits. The children sat nicely around the table with their yummy treat listening to stories and later also helped around the garden.

 et voilà … the mini temple is complete!