Cody Dock Spring Launch Event

We participated in the Spring Launch Event last Saturday and brought some activities for the children to do. All around a lovely sunny day for the kids to go wild! This craft was inspired by the Ojos de Dios (a craft and spiritual object – read more here) originating from indigenous people of the Americas.


March 2017: Springtime and Solar Energy!

During our March workshop, we lashed branches to make a giant weaving loom for wool and things the children could find along the river. We have not finished the loom, but we’ll be completing it in the next few sessions.

We cooked popcorn on the fire and fresh mint tea. We played some games to shake the cobwebs off, made a hammock that kept the children busy for a good couple of hours.

We really enjoyed the warmth coming from the sunshine and the good company!


Saturday 11 February: Braving the coldest days!

We had a great gathering at Cody Dock this morning. Despite the snow and bitter cold, we had some brave, nature loving and adventurous children/parents show up! Thank you, thank you! There was the warmth of the fire, a very interesting and fun story, Indian chai with spices (cloves, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper), a little walk to collect twigs for our crafts and an embroidery session around the fire pit…that kept the kids so engrossed, they didn’t want to leave.
We look forward to our next gathering as winter slowly turns to spring!!


January: Build a Nest

On our first Saturday Forest school session, we set ourselves the challenge to build some birds’ nests.

As soon as we arrived, we set off to start a fire in the dedicated fire space to warm ourselves up for the wak we’d be taking later to find materials for the nests.

Then after we warmed up around the fire, the children took a basket each and went for a lovely walk along the River Lea to forage resources that would be fit for a bird’s nest.

Then we went to the gallery, a lovely space that Cody Dock rents out for events and activities, where the children consulted a few resources about nests and nest-making. Everyone took turns to read out loud some interesting facts about birds and showed their favourite images from the books

We then spend some time building the nests with the resources we had foraged and other resources (such as sheep’s hair and naturally dyed wool) that we added to the table to aid the process or just to add some colour! Below are some of the nests that the children together with the parents created.