June: It’s all about knitting!

In June Newham Natural Crafts joined World Wide Knit in Public Day! It was a fabulous opportunity to create some shape and to see everyone’s knitting skills at work. This even was open to everyone, knitters and non-knitters. Those who did not know how to knit with needles learnt from those who did, and those who only knew how to knit with needles learnt to finger-knit! It is a beautiful feeling to see people who meet at Cody Dock for the first time share skills, experiences and laughs together.




May: Willow Crowns and Natural Dyeing Experiments

May was all about willow and natural dyeing.

We made windy boppers from willow wreaths strung with strips of fabric dyed by the kids with natural dyes. We fashioned some ornamental dragonflies out of willow, which look great in the garden.

We lit the fire and made some sweet corn fritters, yum!

The children played with the hammock and experimented with some woodwork tools.

Thanks to all new and returning parents who attended, we look forward to seeing you next time!


Cody Dock Spring Launch Event

We participated in the Spring Launch Event last Saturday and brought some activities for the children to do. All around a lovely sunny day for the kids to go wild! This craft was inspired by the Ojos de Dios (a craft and spiritual object – read more here) originating from indigenous people of the Americas.