Autumn Candles

On the 11th of October we met at Cody Dock for our regular session. The session was lively with lots of people joining in right from the start. The children and parents/carers started with an embroidery activity using needles, jute and wool. The challenge was to make a bag/case. We also made lots of candles in different shapes, we used everything, even the smallest bit!

We also made some waffles, we attempted to make some lovely looking waffles with an Italian waffle maker, however we had lots of children waiting anxiously for their waffles so we decided to conventional pancakes on the pan as well. It worked out alright in the end thanks to the parents and children who helped make this session a success.

Natural Colours and Block Printing

As fall transcends and proudly displays its beautiful array of colours, the Natural Crafts group worked in tandem with mother nature and took inspiration from her various hues.
On Saturday, 23rd September at Cody Dock, the children and parents experimented with natural colours, beetroot pulp, turmeric powder, coffee, coal, curry powder to create various patterns, freehand and with some exquisitely carved blocks from India.
Leading our eco-printing session on Saturday was an Italian artist, Elisa Latini (…) who told the children about how artists in the past used to create their colour palette out of common food items, so each and every artist and his or her own unique colour palette!

Elisa also demonstrated the process of eco printing on paper, by pressing flowers between sheets of paper and steaming it, resulting in patterns and colours from the pigments present in them. Elisa shared that various flowers and leaves release more or less pigment, depending on the season of bloom and fruiting. The group got some great insights on the technique of eco-printing and tips on ensuring success, if this activity were to be repeated.

Our cooking activity around the fire pit was also an eclectic mix of colours and aromas. The group put in a lot of effort to make “vegetable pilau”…. peeling and chopping seasonal vegetables, adding exotic Indian condiments (cloves, cardamom, bay leaves, garam masala) and adding a dash of love, to make a very wholesome, nourishing and comforting “Veggie Pilau”.

Our budding and enthusiastic gardeners also did some gardening and planted spring onions and spinach, which we’ll be checking regularly during the next sessions. Maybe we’ll use those to make a hearty winter stew… so stay tuned and please attend our very enriching, nourishing and fun sessions!!!


September: Milling Flour and Flower Prints

On a crisp Autumn afternoon at Cody Dock, we thought of travelling back in time with a magical tool “The Flour Milling Wheel”.
The children experienced, enjoyed and learnt what it really means when parents and teachers say, “Good things come to those who wait and persevere” 😉.
A lot of effort went into grinding the flour, but it was totally worth the time, experience and of course the sheer delight, when we all devoured the very yummy pancakes 🥞… was a sight, you get to see , through our pictures.
The group also collected leaves and used water soluble crayons to create leaf imprints.