July: Making Recycled Paper

In July, we met and did some paper recycling. We put together a lot of magazines and newspapers, immersed them in water and torn them to make a pulp. Then with some frames, we created our beautiful papers. Some children decorated the papers with flowers while the papers were drying under the hot sun.

June: It’s all about knitting!

In June Newham Natural Crafts joined World Wide Knit in Public Day! It was a fabulous opportunity to create some shape and to see everyone’s knitting skills at work. This even was open to everyone, knitters and non-knitters. Those who did not know how to knit with needles learnt from those who did, and those who only knew how to knit with needles learnt to finger-knit! It is a beautiful feeling to see people who meet at Cody Dock for the first time share skills, experiences and laughs together.